NEWSLETTER ISSUE #12 - September 2021

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New EBook: "Quarkus for Spring Developers" 

By Eric Deandrea

This new ebook is a Spring Developer's ultimate resource to learn about Quarkus and Kubernetes-native Java. It showcases and explains how Quarkus enables modern Java development and the Kubernetes-native experience. Get introductions to familiar Spring concepts, constructs, and conventions through equivalent code examples, then learn how they map to Quarkus. It additionally places emphasis on testing patterns and practices.

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RESTEasy Reactive - To block or not to block

By Clement Escoffier

In January 2021, the Quarkus team announced RESTEasy Reactive, a novel way to serve HTTP API in Quarkus. Since its introduction, RESTEasy Reactive adoption has been quite good, and we plan to make it the default approach to implement HTTP API shortly.

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Use of "Quarkus Security OPENID Connect Multi Tenacy" in an own small example

By Thomas Suedbroecker

Check out Thomas's blog post about the usage of the “Quarkus Security OpenID Connect Multi Tenancy” implementation in an own small example, how to extract a tenant and reconfigure OIDC configuration for Keycloak.

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Videos of the Month

Panache -  Introduction to Quarkus' Persistance Library

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Quarkus Insights #61: Do's and Don'ts of Microservice design

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Quarkus Insights #60: Quarkus 2: The Rise of Platforms

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Quarkus Insights #59: Quarkus projects using MicroProfile specs with Giuseppe

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Upcoming Events with Quarkus

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Quarkus World Tour

A unique, virtual hands-on experience with access to Quarkus experts designed to help you get started with Java in a Kubernetes world.

Upcoming Tour Stops:
September 8th: OpenBlend-Slovenian-Java-User-Group
September 14th: Garden State JUG
October 21st: Viada JUG

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J4K - Part Deux

A Virtual Conference for Java Developers on Kubernetes

October 06, 2021

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User Success Stories

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VCStream: a new messaging platform for DECATHLON’s Value Chain, built on Quarkus.

VCStream is a new platform for streaming data across the Value Chain of DECATHLON. It allows streaming data in and out of the Value Chain, what we called the inbound (from external systems to the Value Chain) and the outbound (from the Value Chain to external systems) processes.

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