Welcome to the Quarkus World Tour

A unique, hands-on experience with access to Quarkus experts designed to help you get started with Java in a Kubernetes world.

Quarkus is the rising star for Kube Native Java as it re-imagines the Java stack to give you the performance characteristics and developer experience you need to create modern, high performing applications. Quarkus helps you use your existing skills and code in new ways and greatly reduces the technical burden when moving to a Kubernetes-centric environment.

Looking to move or improve your Java applications on Kubernetes? Why not explore the benefits that Quarkus brings by joining our World Tour. Come with us as we visit (virtually of course) as many Java User Groups as we can over the next year to help Java developers everywhere understand more about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Are we visiting a JUG near you? Then look out for their announcements or if not, get them to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can squeeze them in!

It’s going to be a blast. 90 odd minutes of technical discussion, some hands-on coding and a Q&A tailored to each JUG’s interests.

Oh and did we mention swag? Maybe even a Tour T-Shirt?

Time to rock the Java world 2021 style…

Want tour stop at your JUG?

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Tour Schedule and Information
Time and Date Time Zone JUG Native Language Presenter(s) JUG Contact JUG Website
March 16th at 18:00 GMT London Java Community English Steve Pool Dominique Carlo JUG Website
March 23rd GMT-5 Connecticut Java Group English Steve Pool Ryan Cuprak JUG Website
March 25th at 19:30 GMT+1 VigoJUG and CoruñaJUG English/Spanish Steve Poole, Roberto Cortez, & Georgios Andrianakis Anton R Yuste JUG Website
April 8th at 19:00 CEST Lavajug French Clement Escoffier & Andy Damevin Olivier Coupelon JUG Website
April 12th @ 12:00PM UTC-3 SOUJava Portuguese Elder Moraes & Edson Yanaga JUG Website
April 21st - 6pm GMT-8 Silicon Valley Java User Group English Jason Porter & Erin Schnabel Arun Gupta JUG Website
April 22nd at 15:15 GMT-6 (CDT) Kansas City Java Users Group English Georgios Andrianakis Billy Korondo JUG Website
April 26th at 18:00 GMT Manchester Java Community English Steve Poole and Georgios Andrianakis Nick Ebbitt JUG Website
May 6th - 12:00pm GMT-6 Chicago Java User Group English Jason Porter and Erin Schnabel Mary Grygleski JUG Website
May 6th - 16:30 PT GMT Portugal Java User Group English & Portuguese Roberto Cortez and Antonio Goncalves Roberto Cortez JUG Website
May 11th - 19:00 GMT+1 Paris Java User Group French Andy Damevin, Clement Escoffier, & Loic Matthieu Sun Tan JUG Website
May 13th at 19:00 CEST Saxony Java User Group German Daniel Brintzinger Falk Hartmann JUG Website
May 24th at 17:30 EEST Latvian Java User Group Dace Baron JUG Website
May 25th at 10:00am WAT GMT+1 Lagos Java User Group English JUG Website
May 27th at 19:00 UTC-4 Bolivian Java User Group JUG Website
May 31 at 19:00 GMT+2 JoziJug (South Africa) JUG Website
Week of May 31 - Time TBD GMT+2 Niš Java User Group (Serbia) Steve Poole and Georgios Andrianakis JUG Website
Week of June 7th GMT+9 Seoul Java User Group English/Korean Bruno Georges and Daniel Oh Ted Won JUG Website
June 1st at 19:00 GMT+2 Geneva Java User Group English Clément Escoffier and Guillaume Smet Vincent Sevel and Maxime Nowak JUG Website
June 8th - Time TBD GMT+1 Warszawa Java User Group Michał Szynkiewicz Cezary Sanecki JUG Website
June 8th at 18:30 GMT+1 Madrid Java User Group Spanish Roberto Cortez JUG Website
June 10 at 18:30 GMT+1 Java User Group English Zenika JUG Website
Week of June 14th GMT Singapore Java User Group English Bruno Georges JUG Website
June 14th @ 1900h CEST Munich Java User Group German Wanja Pernath Andreas Haug JUG Website
June 15th @ 17:30 EET GMT+2 Bulgarian Java User Group Georgios Andrianakis Ivan St. Ivanov JUG Website
June 17th @ 18:30 GMT+1 Barcelona Java User Group Spanish Roberto Cortez Anyul Rivas JUG Website
Week of June 21st - Time TBD Beijing English JUG Website
June 22nd at 6:30PM GMT-5 (EST) New York Java Special Interest Group (NYJavaSIG) English Barry Burd / Sai Sharan JUG Website
Week of June 28th - Time TBD UTC+2 Apeldoorn Java User English Anton de Ruiter JUG Website
Week of June 28th - Time TBD GMT+9 Tokyo Bruno Georges JUG Website
June 30th - Time TBD GMT-6 Houston Java Users Group JUG Website
July 1st at 14:00 GMT+2 (CEST) Consol German Daniel Brintzinger Marco Bungart JUG Website
July 5th at 17:00 GMT-6 Guatamala Java Users Group Spanish Víctor Orozco JUG Website
July 13th at 18:30 GMT+2 (CEST) JUG Ingolstadt, Germany German Wanja Pernath Florian Heubeck JUG Website
July 20th at 5:00pm GMT-8 Seattle Java User Group English Jason Porter & Erin Schnabel Nimret Singh Sandhu JUG Website
July 22nd at 18:00 GMT+9 JUG Guadalajar JUG Website
August 12 - Time TBD GMT+9 St. Louis Java User Group English Bruce Alspaugh JUG Website
September 8th at 17:00 GMT+1 OpenBlend-Slovenian-Java-User-Group Ales Justin JUG Website
September 14th at 6:30PM GMT-5 (EST) Garden State JUG JUG Website
October 21st at 9:00 GMT+2 Viada JUG Daniel Brintzinger JUG Website