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Article & Blogs

  1. Mandrel: A community distribution of GraalVM for the Red Hat build of Quarkus - Red Hat Developer
    from Red Hat by Mark Little posted 5. June 2020

  2. The road to Quarkus GA: Completing the first supported Kubernetes-native Java stack - Red Hat Developer
    from Red Hat by Mark Little posted 4. June 2020
  3. Comparison between Quarkus and Spring Boot
    How My App's Performance Improved After Migrating To Quarkus From Spring Boot (JDK 14) | Simply How
    by Unknown posted 1. June 2020
  4. React + Quarkus: Swagger and OpenAPI
    Setting up Swagger with Quarkus and React | Quarkify
    by Dmytro Chaban posted 1. June 2020

  5. Quarkus, jlink and Application Class Data Sharing (AppCDS) | Loic's Blog
    by Loic Mathieu posted 29. May 2020
  6. Using Tika with Quarkus
    Quarkus, Apache Tika and Lucene | Gerardo Arroyo
    by gerardo@flecharoja.com posted 28. May 2020
  7. Red Hat’s Quarkus, a Kubernetes-native Java stack, is now supported on the Red Hat Runtimes platform for developing cloud-native applications.
    Red Hat Runtimes adds Kubernetes-native Quarkus Java stack | InfoWorld
    from InfoWorld by Paul Krill posted 27. May 2020
  8. Red Hat’s Quarkus, a Kubernetes-native Java stack, is now supported on the Red Hat Runtimes platform for developing cloud-native applications.
    Red Hat Runtimes adds Kubernetes-native Quarkus Java stack | The Tech World
    from TheTechWorld by Unknown posted 27. May 2020
  9. Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced an expansion of its application services portfolio with the addition of Quarkus as a fully supported framework in Red Hat Runtimes.
    Red Hat Advances Java on Kubernetes, Delivers Quarkus as a Fully-Supported Runtime for Cloud-Native Development – Silicon Valley Daily
    from Red Hat by Unknown posted 27. May 2020
  10. We are excited to welcome Quarkus as an official Red Hat Runtime
    Bringing Java into the Kubernetes-native future with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Rich Sharples posted 27. May 2020
  11. If your project needs UI, React probably is a good option for any middle-size service. With Quarkus, it’s super easy to serve your React app.
    Build, run and deploy React app with Quarkus | Quarkify
    by Dmitry Chaban posted 26. May 2020
  12. This article explains how to deploy Quarkus applications on OpenShift as quickly as possible. All you need is an OpenShift cluster with enough memory. Everything else can be done in the browser.
    Deploying Quarkus Apps on OpenShift without local Setup
    from IBM by Niklas Heidloff posted 25. May 2020
  13. Generate a JHipster Quarkus project with angular frontend and feature-rich backend.
    Generate Quarkus project with JHipster | Quarkify
    by Dmytro Chaban posted 22. May 2020
  14. How to deploy a Panache/MongoDB Quarkus application in the cloud with Platform.sh
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in the Cloud With Platform.sh Part 6 - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 19. May 2020
  15. How to deploy a Quarkus application with a command mode Application in the cloud with Platform.sh
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in the Cloud with Platform.sh. Part 5 - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 19. May 2020
  16. Quarkuss serverless strategy
    Quarkus Serverless Strategy | Bill the Plumber
    by Bill Burke posted 19. May 2020
  17. Quarkus uses GraalVM and builds ahead of time (AOT) to package a OS-native artifact that can be deployed without using the Java Virtual Machine. Let’s understand how it works!
    Deploying Java on Kubernetes with Quarkus - Modus Create
    from Modus Create by Wesley Fuchter posted 18. May 2020
  18. IntelliJ
    CodeOps Technologies: "Quarkus & IntelliJ Idea Meetup"
    by Twitter Inc posted 16. May 2020
  19. How to secure your Quarkus app
    Quarkus Security | Some developer’s blog
    by rikcarve posted 14. May 2020
  20. How to deploy a Panache/PostgreSQL Quarkus application in the cloud with Platform.sh
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in the Cloud With Platform.sh Part 3: PostgreSQL With Panache - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 13. May 2020
  21. How to deploy a Hibernate Search Quarkus application in the cloud with Platform.sh
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in the Cloud with Platform.sh. Part 4: Hibernate Search With Elasticsearch - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 13. May 2020
  22. In the second of this seires on deploying Quarkus to the cloud, we take a look at building the Quarkus app in preparation for deployment.
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in The Cloud with Platform.sh. Part 2: PostgreSQL with JPA - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 13. May 2020
  23. Tutorial to reduce the server footprint of a REST API in JAVA by compiling it in native code with Quarkus
    REST API with Quarkus, JPA, GraalVM and Docker
    by François-Xavier Robin posted 13. May 2020
  24. Lufthansa Technik reduced its cloud costs to one third after starting to use Red Hats Quarkus. The solution is one of Red Hat's latest news and is aimed at everyone who works in container environments.
    Quarkus 10x faster - Voister
    by Tim Leffler posted 12. May 2020
  25. JWT Token use cases and token generation.
    Simple JWT Token authentication with Quarkus | Quarkify
    by Dmytro Chaban posted 12. May 2020

  26. Workshops: Reactive Apps with Quarkus and OpenShift
    from IBM by Niklas Heidloff posted 11. May 2020
  27. How to deploy a plain Quarkus application in the cloud with Platform.sh
    Deploy Quarkus Faster in The Cloud with Platform.sh. Part 1: Hello World - DZone Java
    from Platform.sh by Otavio Santana posted 11. May 2020
  28. Uploading files to MinIO Cloud Native Object Store from Quarkus RESTful API
    Uploading files to MinIO Cloud Native Object Store from Quarkus RESTful API | 2much2learn.com
    from 2much2learn by Madan Narra (https://www.linkedin.com/in/narramadan) posted 10. May 2020
  29. Using WebSockets to push updates to a frontend application
    Hands-On Reactive Application with Angular and Quarkus
    by Catalin Patrut posted 10. May 2020
  30. Some thoughts on Quarkus vs Spring on Swagger support, HTTP response code, and Quarkus' 80% statup time improvement.
    Spring boot Vs Quarkus - Loganathan Murugesan - Medium
    by Loganathan Murugesan posted 10. May 2020
  31. Nowadays Quarkus known as SUPERSONIC SUBATOMIC JAVA. It provides a lot of features to facilitate build and deployment.
    Openshift and AWS Lambda Deployment With Quarkus - DZone Microservices
    by Elina Valieva posted 8. May 2020

  32. GraalVM Native Image Tips & Tricks - James Ward
    by Unknown posted 7. May 2020
  33. competitor recently published a microbenchmark comparing the performance of their stack to Quarkus. The Quarkus team feels this microbenchmark shouldn’t be taken at face value because it wasn’t making a like-to-like comparison leading to incorrect conclusions.
    Quarkus – an IO thread and a worker thread walk into a bar: a microbenchmark story
    from Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard posted 7. May 2020
  34. Vidar walks through a innovative way to have hot-reload of both frontend and back end services using Docker compose.
    Hot deployment of Quarkus & Node (React) through Docker
    by Vidar Wahlberg posted 6. May 2020
  35. If you’re not aware yet, there is a Java framework that is considered a true game-changer. Meet Quarkus - with the help of IBM Developer Advocate Niklas Heidloff.
    Quarkus: Java framework for Containers-based development
    by Leo Sorge posted 6. May 2020
  36. Adam shows how to use Quarkus command mode to write a CLI
    A Command Line Application with Quarkus
    by Adam Bien posted 6. May 2020
  37. Quarkus is a high-profile integration with GraalVM.
    Oracle's GraalVM finds its place in Java app ecosystem
    by Darryl K. Taft posted 4. May 2020
  38. Vuejs is a perfect tool that can help you build single-page applications. Why not integrate it tightly with Quarkus?
    Build, run and deploy Vuejs app with Quarkus | Quarkify
    by Dmytro Chaban posted 4. May 2020
  39. Adam walks through how Quarkus work behind the scenes. Shows how you can validate what Quarkus actually does.
    Behind the Scenes (=Magic) of Dependency Injection in Quarkus : Adam Bien's Weblog
    by Adam Bien posted 3. May 2020
  40. Dmytro tells the story on how he learned to save money and time using Quarkus on Google Cloud Platform. Great info on how to run it and how to work with Quarkus on GCP.
    How to deploy Quarkus on Google App Engine
    by Dmytro posted 3. May 2020
  41. Example on how to use a request filter to exchange data in the web layer using headers and CDI
    Adding data to the Vert.X web layer from your Quarkus application : idk.dev
    by Data Science posted 3. May 2020
  42. Quarkus and Kubernetess cheat sheet
    Quarkus & Kubernetes I Cheat Sheet | Red Hat Developer
    from Red Hat by Alex Soto posted 30. April 2020
  43. How to deploy your Quarkus app on Kubernetes in 10 secs (in French)
    De QuarkusIO à Kubernetes en 10 secondes | | Middleware Solutions
    (fr) from Middleware Solutions by Emmanuel Lesne posted 24. April 2020
  44. Maxime outlines how he fully automated with GitHub Actions his deployment of a Quarkus app to Google Cloud Platform.
    How to use GitHub Actions to deploy your Quarkus app to GCP
    by Maxime David posted 23. April 2020
  45. Qute is a native-capable and async templating engine and Francesco introduces you to examples and syntax of Qute.
    Qute: a template for Quarkus Web applications
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 20. April 2020
  46. Liquibase the second database migration tool available with a Quarkus extension. Written by Andrej and in this article he walks through how Liquibase for Quarkus works
    Quarkus meets Liquibase | Capgemini Engineering
    from Cap Gemini by Andrej Petras posted 23. March 2020
  47. Dumi gives a nice example of implementing GraphQL using reactive mysql with a sprinkle of Vert.x all nicely combined and orchestrated with Quarkus.
    Microservices with Quarkus – GraphQL API+ Reactive MySQL
    by Duminda Wanninayake posted 7. March 2020
  48. Once again Adam goes in an compare numbers; in this he shows how Quarkus with its 'treeshaking' ends up taking up less memory than an empty Jetty. Interesting comparison - worth a watch!
    Quarkus with MicroProfile, RAM, Jetty and -Xmx18m
    by Adam Bien posted 7. March 2020
  49. Adam likes to measure and compare things - this time he takes on Quarkus vs WildFly - two projects that shares a lot of the same engineering roots. Interesting quick screencast that gives some external understanding on these two great projects.
    Quarkus vs. WildFly -- Requests per Second
    by Adam Bien posted 7. March 2020
  50. Jaydeep gives his angle on how he thinks Quarkus can help make Java great again. Something we fully believe together with him.
    Quarkus - Make Java Great Again
    by Jaydeep Deshmukh posted 7. March 2020
  51. Alex gives his take on introducing Quarkus and how it accelerates development.
    CodeTalks - Java Particle Acceleration using Quarkus
    by Alex Soto posted 1. March 2020
  52. Rafal outlines how he uses Testcontainers to setup tests of his Quarkus application with automatic start/stop of a PostgreSQL database!
    Quarkus tests with Testcontainers and PostgreSQL
    by Rafal Borowiec posted 28. February 2020
  53. Jiri goes on an interesting journey outlining how he took the existing plain Java based Operator for Spark and converted it to a Quarkus based Operator.
    Migrating the Spark Operator to Quarkus
    by Jiri Kremser posted 26. February 2020
  54. OpenJ9 is an alternative JavaVM to OpenJDK. In this article Niklas takes it for a ride and shows how it stack up against GraalVM and OpenJDK in a basic CRUD application.
    Using the OpenJ9 JVM for Quarkus Applications
    by Niklas Heidloff posted 25. February 2020
  55. Jean-François describes how he by using Quarkus API's significantly reduced the amount of configuration and boiler-plate code.
    Optimize your code for Quarkus – Jean-François James
    by Jean-François James posted 24. February 2020
  56. Harald outlines his approach on using docker-compose to setup integration test environment in his Quarkus project.
    by Harald Reinmüller posted 24. February 2020
  57. Grzegorz is not a fan of frameworks but still found a light in Quarkus. Read this article on his angle on why he like Quarkus and used it to make Quarkus hazelcast extension.
    Quarkus – A New Age of Modern Java Frameworks is Here – { 4Comprehension }
    from Hazelcast by Grzegorz Piwowarek posted 23. February 2020
  58. Dorian goes through how to do multitenancy in Quarkus using his latest Quarkus extension all hooked up to Open ID.
    Implement multi tenancy oidc and hibernate on quarkus
    by Dorian Maliszewski posted 17. February 2020
  59. Loic walks through how to use TestContainers with Quarkus.
    Quarkus and Testcontainers
    by Loic Mathieu posted 17. February 2020
  60. Deploying a native Quarkus app on Clever Cloud (French)
    Déployer une application native Quarkus sur Clever-cloud – Lunatech
    from Lunatech by Nicolas Martignole posted 7. February 2020
  61. How to use flight Recorder custom events in a Quarkus app
    Monitoring REST APIs with Custom JDK Flight Recorder Events - Gunnar Morling
    by Gunnar Morling posted 29. January 2020
  62. Nicolas from Lunatech walks through his initials thoughs on Quarkus and stating he'll post more while he evaluates Quarkus. We are looking forward to it!
    Quarkus: an open-source tool to write your Java applications
    from Lunatech by Nicolas Martignole posted 27. January 2020
  63. Niklas outlines how he wrote a reactive application in Quarkus with some nice drawings and scenarioes.
    Development of Reactive Applications with Quarkus
    from IBM by Niklas Heidloff posted 20. January 2020
  64. Diego Camara made a Quarkus implementation that is now listed on realworld site.
    diegocamara/realworld-api-quarkus: Simple case of an real world api using quarkus framework.
    by Diego Camara posted 11. January 2020
  65. Gunnar are giving Qute a test ride showing how he wrote a todo app using server side rendered templates with Quarkus.
    Quarkus Qute – A Test Ride - Gunnar Morling
    from Red Hat by Gunnar Morling posted 3. January 2020
  66. Hayri gives his intro on how to use Qute in Quarkus.
    Hello You Qute Templating Engine
    by Hayri Cicek posted 27. December 2019
  67. Francesco outlines how to write a basic web app using JAX-RS, Quarkus and Vue.js
    JAX-RS Crud Application using Quarkus and Vue.js
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 20. December 2019
  68. A quick tour through the basics of Quarkus with some example applications
    Getting started with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 19. December 2019
  69. Jean-Francois walks us through him migrating his Jakarta EE appliation to Quarkus, outlines the differences and similarities and give his perspective on the approach Quarkus takes.
    Run your Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application on Quarkus with minimum changes – Jean-François James
    by Jean-Francois James posted 17. December 2019

  70. Quarkus - an elementary DevOps particle - CROZ
    from Croz by Denis Jaicevic posted 8. December 2019
  71. Walkthough on how IntelliJ IDEA can bootstrap a Quarkus projects
    Creating Quarkus projects using IntelliJ IDEA
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 8. December 2019
  72. Mirko walks you through how he used Quarkus to make an Alexa skill hosted on Amazon Lambda.
    Alexa skill with Quarkus
    by Mirko Bonasorte posted 7. December 2019
  73. How to use MapStruct and Quarkus together: match in heaven.
    MapStruct and Quarkus - a match made in heaven? – MapStruct
    from MapStruct by Christian Bandowski posted 6. December 2019
  74. Ualter goes through and compare Quarkus to his Spring Boot usage.
    Microservices: Quarkus vs. Spring Boot
    by Ualter Azambuja posted 6. December 2019
  75. Thomas Qvarnstrom interviewed by InfoQ on Quarkus release.
    Quarkus, a Kubernetes Native Java Framework, Reaches Version 1.0: Q&A with Thomas Qvarnstrom
    from Red Hat by Thomas Qvarnstrom posted 5. December 2019
  76. Baeldung shows how to implement a Quarkus extension using Liquibase as an example
    How to Implement a Quarkus Extension
    from Baeldung.com by Baeldung posted 2. December 2019
  77. Max outlines his view on how Quarkus is a black swan in the world of Java and how it affected him and his work
    The Black Swan of Java
    from Personal / Red Hat by Max Rydahl Andersen posted 1. December 2019
  78. Comparing memory usages of various combinations of Java stacks
    Slim Decafe Java – Pulse Code
    by Ben Coleman posted 30. November 2019
  79. Guide on how to secure Quarkus apps using Elytron Database Realm
    Securing Quarkus with Elytron Database Realm
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 19. November 2019
  80. Comparison on traditional Hibernate/JPA vs Panache approach on reducing boilerplate entity code
    Hibernate ORM with Panache in Quarkus - In Relation To
    from Hibernate / Red Hat by Stephane Epardaud posted 19. November 2019
  81. Frank describes deploying Quarkus to Kubernetes showing of his workflow and tools
    In the Fast Lane: Microservices with Quarkus and Managed Kubernetes
    from Personal / Amazon Webservices by Frank Munz posted 18. November 2019
  82. Wondered if you can do imperative and reactive programming at the same time ? Syed and Clement walks through how Quarkus makes this feasible.
    How Quarkus brings imperative and reactive programming together
    from Red Hat by Syed M. Shaaf, Clement Escoffier posted 18. November 2019
  83. Walkthrough on how to use Quarkus with Appsody and kabanero.
    Composing microservices with the Appsody Quarkus experimental collection
    from IBM by Denilson Nastacio posted 15. November 2019
  84. In this Dzone article Andrew gives his overview on how to write a Java REST API with Quarkus
    Build a Java REST API With Quarkus - DZone Java
    from MoksaMedia by Andrew Hughes posted 13. November 2019
  85. Walk through on how to use Hibernate search in Quarkus
    Hibernate Search in Quarkus - In Relation To
    from Hibernate / Red Hat by Yoann Rodière posted 12. November 2019
  86. Introduction to Quarkus made at ETH Zurich
    nxt - Introduction to Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java
    from nxt by Michael Gerber posted 11. November 2019
  87. Hantsy gives his way to kickstart your first Quarkus application
    Kickstart your first Quarkus application - Hantsy - Medium
    by Hantsy posted 9. November 2019
  88. Peter Palaga presentation around Apache CamelK and Quarkus
    Apache Camel K - supersonic subatomic integrations on Kubernetes and Knative
    from Red Hat by Peter Palaga posted 6. November 2019
  89. Randula give her writeup on her experience with Quarkus
    Quarkus, The Next Generation Container-First Framework For Java Applications | 99X Technology
    from 99x Technology by Randula Koralage posted 3. November 2019
  90. Vincent explains his journey to bring a difficult PR from proposal to release in Quarkus.
    Behind the curtain
    by Vincent Sevel posted 28. October 2019
  91. Walkthrough on how to configure your Quarkus application depending on a profile.
    Configuring A Quarkus Application With Profiles – Antonio's Blog
    by Antonio Goncalves posted 7. October 2019
  92. A tutorial from Okta on how to secure a Quarkus app with Oauth 2.0, OIDC and Okta.
    How to Develop a Quarkus App with Java and OIDC Authentication | Okta Developer
    from Okta by Andrew Hughes posted 30. September 2019
  93. German in-depth article with intro and evaluation of Quarkus
    Quarkus: Der Blick über den Tellerrand
    (de) from Heise Developer by Michael Simons posted 20. September 2019
  94. John outlines how the Spring and MicroPofile APIs can be used together with Quarkus.
    Autowire MicroProfile into Spring with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by John Clingan posted 17. September 2019
  95. Alex Soto created a cheatsheet with tips/tricks on how to make things happen in Quarkus.
    Quarkus Cheat-Sheet
    from Red Hat by Alex Soto posted 31. August 2019
  96. Spring author Rodrigo wrote a nice introductory article for Quarkus.
    Guide to QuarkusIO
    from Baeldung by Rodrigo Graciano posted 13. August 2019
  97. Tim from Vorwerk Group writes on how to utilize Quarkus OpenTracing together with Instana Java OpenTracing.
    Quarkus and Instana: Lightspeed Monitoring for Supersonic Java
    from Vorwerk Group/Instana by Tim Riemer posted 30. July 2019
  98. Adam writes up how to make the simplest possible Quarkus extension.
    Simplest Possible Quarkus Extension
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 30. June 2019
  99. Guest blog by Jon Skog from Instana on how they released an Operator built with Quarkus.
    Instana Releases Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Operator Built on Quarkus – Red Hat OpenShift Blog
    from Instana / Red Hat by Jason Dobies posted 19. June 2019
  100. Walkthrough on how to use application.properties and Microprofile Config API to configure your Quarkus application.
    Configuring A Quarkus Application – Antonio's Blog
    by Antonio Goncalves posted 7. June 2019
  101. Stephan, founder of Devoxx walks through how he used Quarkus to go from a 180 MB / 56 seconds startup to 59 MB / 0.043 seconds startup with his JHipster application.
    The JHipster Quarkus demo app
    by Stephan Janssen posted 19. May 2019
  102. Yazid writes about how to use HashiCorp Consul with Quarkus
    Quarkus configuration using Consul - yazid aqel - Medium
    by yazid aqel posted 4. May 2019
  103. French introductory article about Quarkus
    Zoom sur Quarkus
    (fr) from ZenikaIT by Loïs Mathieu posted 23. April 2019
  104. Yazid made an introductury series blog on how to use Kafka and Eclipse Vert.x with Quarkus.
    Quarkus & Vertx, a powerfull combination — Part 1 Introduction
    by yazid aqel posted 21. April 2019
  105. Sebastian from Dzone gives his analysis of Quarkus.
    Thoughts on Quarkus
    by Sebastian Daschner posted 19. April 2019
  106. News article covering the launch of Quarkus
    Red Hat's Quarkus Brings Natively Compiled Java to Kubernetes - The New Stack
    from The New Stack by Mike Melanson posted 16. April 2019
  107. News article on InfoQ on the launch of Quarkus
    Quarkus, a Kubernetes Native Java Framework
    from InfoQ by Diogo Carleto posted 25. March 2019
  108. Jason Greene introducing Quarkus to the world.
    Introducing Quarkus: a next-generation Kubernetes native Java framework
    from Red Hat by Jason Greene posted 7. March 2019


  1. Francesco is the first to publish a book on Quarkus and how to use it for cloud native applications.
    Hands-On Cloud-Native Applications with Java and Quarkus: Build high performance Java microservices on Kubernetes
    from Packt / Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 13. December 2019


  1. Discussion with Claus and Luca on what is new in Camel 3 and touches upon their Quarkus support.
    JBoss Community Asylum: Podcast #47 - What do you call a Camel with 3 humps ?
    from JBoss Asylum / Red Hat by Claus Ibsen, Luca Burgazolli, Emmanuel Bernard and Max Rydahl Andersen posted 16. December 2019
  2. Quarkus 1.0 release, motivation for SpringBoot to Quarkus migration and the Spring API compatibility layer - conversation with: Dimitris Andreadis
    Airhacks #64 - Quarkus 1.0 and SpringBoot
    from Red Hat / Adam Bien by Dimitris Andreadis/Adam Bien posted 4. December 2019
  3. Quarkus team members Guillaume and Emmanuel on the Software Engineering Daily podcast talking about Quarkus and GraalVM
    GraalVM Quarkus: Java Acceleration with Guillaume Smet and Emmanuel Bernard - Software Engineering Daily
    from Software Engineering Daily / Red Hat by Guillaume Smet and Emmanuel Bernard posted 14. November 2019
  4. Jason, Emmanuel, Bill and Max on Asylum podcast about the making of Quarkus.
    JBoss Asylum podcast #46 - Quarkus to the bones
    from Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard, Jason Greene, Bill Burke, Max Andersen posted 8. October 2019
  5. Adam Bien talks with Emmmanuel Bernard co-lead of Quarkus on how he got from his first computer to the first line of Quarkus.
    The First Line of Quarkus
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard, Adam Bien posted 3. September 2019
  6. Adam Bien sits down with Dimitris, manager of the Quarkus Red Hat team. Talks on how Dimitris started in IT and his thoughts on Quarkus.
    Quarkus is the Opposite of Wildfly
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Dimitris Andreadis, Adam Bien posted 6. August 2019
  7. Stuart Douglas in a conversation with Adam Bien from his first programming language to making Quarkus having a great devmode utilizing thinjars
    Quarkus and ThinJARs
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Stuart Douglas, Adam Bien posted 4. April 2019
  8. French podcast with Emmanuel Bernard talking the why and hows of Quarkus
    Interview sur Quarkus avec Emmanuel Bernard
    (fr) from Les Cast Codeurs Podcast / Red Hat by Les Cast Codeurs, Emmanuel Bernard posted 26. March 2019


  1. A workshop where you build several microservices interoperating through HTTP and Kafka.
    Step-by-step Workshop on how to Develop a Microservice Architecture with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard, Clement Escoffier, Antonio Goncalves posted 23. October 2019
  2. Various Katacoda scenarios on Developing with Quarkus on OpenShift
    Developing with Quarkus using Interactive Browser-Based Labs | Katacoda
    from Red Hat by OpenShift posted 3. April 2019


  1. Red Hat Middleware demonstrate how Quarkus when deployed natively results in being faster to start than Spring Boot, NodeJS, Python and Go.
    Deploying Multiple Cloud-Native Apps with OpenShift Serverless
    from Red HAt by Red Hat Middleware posted 4. June 2020
  2. Georgios presents on what is new in Quarkus with live questions.
    OpenShift Commons Briefing: What's New in Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Georgios Andrianakis posted 3. June 2020
  3. Quarkus' Kotlin support is very good and we will explore the real benefits it can bring to your system
    Introduction to Quarkus with Kotlin
    from Daily Code Buffer by Daily Code Buffer posted 7. May 2020
  4. Quarkus Deep Dive series - Interactive Panel
    [SouJava Online] Painel Interativo Deep Dive Series: Quarkus
    from SouJava by SouJava posted 28. May 2020

  5. BordeauxJUG : Artificial Intelligence on Quarkus: I love it when an OptaPlan comes together
    by Bordeaux JUG posted 28. May 2020

  6. Deploy Friday: E06 Quarkus Supersonic Subatomic Java
    by Platform.sh posted 22. May 2020
  7. An example coffee beans Quarkus application that uses a Neo4J database and Neo4J OGM
    Neo4J OGM with Quarkus
    by Sebastian Daschner posted 18. May 2020
  8. This video explains how to use Jhipster to create a Quarkus application.
    Create a Quarkus application with JHipster.
    by Daniel PETISME posted 17. May 2020
  9. The Quarkus Way
    6. Cloud Native Bern Meetup
    by Cloud Native Bern posted 12. May 2020
  10. Developer mode and command mode discussions
    Quarkus Insights #2: quarkus:dev and Command mode
    from Red Hat by Quarkusio posted 12. May 2020
  11. How to create serverless functions on AWS using Quarkus.
    Meetup Virtual GuateJUG 2020.05 | AWS Lambda: Soluciones con Quarkus
    by Eventos JEspañol posted 8. May 2020
  12. Introduction to Quarkus with Kotlin (video)
    Introduction to Quarkus with Kotlin
    from Daily Code Buffer by Daily Code Buffer posted 7. May 2020
  13. Quarkus.io is an open-source framework that brings a lot of productivity enhancements to Java. Its benefits are not limited to Java developers. Kotlin support is very good and we will explore the real benefits it can bring to your system.
    Introduction to Quarkus with Kotlin
    by Daily Code Buffer posted 7. May 2020
  14. Max give his Black Swan talk at Switzerland Java User Group in the first ~45 minutes and the last ~30 minutes he is answering 25+ questions from the live audience.
    Quarkus: The Black Swan of Java?
    from Switzerland Java User Group - Red Hat by Java User Group Switzerland posted 1. May 2020
  15. Nataniel has courses in youtube channel (portuguese) talking about Quarkus and MongoDB
    Nataniel Paiva has a youtube channel with course of Quarkus and MongoDB
    (pt) by Nataniel Paiva posted 18. April 2020
  16. Nataniel has courses in youtube channel (portuguese) talking about Quarkus and PanacheEntity with PostgreSQL
    Nataniel Paiva has a youtube channel with course of Quarkus and PanacheEntity
    (pt) by Nataniel Paiva posted 16. April 2020
  17. Sebastian walks through how to use and how quarkus:dev works when running in containers
    Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers
    from Java Code Geeks by Sebastian Daschner posted 19. March 2020
  18. Doing testing in containers does not need to be hard - Sebastian shows how he setup testing in his docker container setup.
    Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers
    by Sebastian Daschner posted 18. March 2020
  19. Eero Arvonen talks about their Finance/Banking data app which now in parts are migrated from Thorntail to Quarkus. He walk throughs the pain points and advantages of using Quarkus.
    Future Finance Data Innovations with Open Banking and PSD2 Eero Arvonen (Suomen Asiakastieto)
    from Asiakastieto Group by OpenShift posted 31. January 2020

  20. Memory Consumption: WildFly Full ThinWAR vs. Quarkus SkimmedJAR : Adam Bien's Weblog
    by Adam Bien posted 14. January 2020
  21. In this Virtual Jug Roberto and Bruno hosts talks about their experience deploying Quarkus in the real-world.
    Quarkus in Real-World Deployments
    from Virtual Jug / Talkdesk by Roberto Cortez, Bruno Baptista posted 17. December 2019
  22. Vinicius host a weekly Portuguese youtube channel talking about all things Quarkus
    Vinicius Ferraz youtube channel on Quarkus in Portuguese
    (pt) from Croz by Vinicius Ferraz posted 8. December 2019
  23. Thomas shows that Quarkus, GraalVM and Docker are a great platform for developing and running fast and lightweight Microservices
    Quarkus, die schnellste Java Microservices Runtime für die Cloud?
    (de) from predic8 by predic8 posted 21. November 2019
  24. In this presentation Georgios demos the building of some Spring applications with Quarkus. He shows how Spring developers can take advantage of Quarkus' live coding feature, fast boot times and small memory footprint whilst using the Spring APIs they know and love.
    Kubernetes Native Spring apps on Quarkus
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Georgios Andrianakis posted 7. November 2019
  25. Jago likes automation and playing music, so he turned his hand to automating the playing of an acoustic guitar with Quarkus and a Raspberry Pi. Jago explains why Quarkus was his framework of choice for the constrained environment of the Raspberry Pi.
    Play an Acoustic Guitar with a Raspberry Pi
    from Devoxx Belgium / OpenValue by Jago de Vreede posted 7. November 2019
  26. Emmanuel gives a code-heavy introduction to Quarkus demonstrating live reload, opinionated persistence with Hibernate Panache, testing, GraalVM native compilation and more.
    Quarkus Why, How and What
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard posted 6. November 2019
  27. In this talk Sebastien demonstrates how to connect your Quarkus applications to an identity provider and how to secure access to your application's REST API
    Secure your Quarkus Applications
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Sebastien Blanc posted 5. November 2019
  28. Michel hosts a fun battle between Quarkus and Micronaut where the audience decides the winner!
    Battle of The Microservice Frameworks: Micronaut Versus Quarkus Edition!
    from Devoxx Belgium / Craftsmen by Michel Schudel posted 4. November 2019
  29. The Kogito team demonstrate how to bring business automation to the cloud using Quarkus
    Event-driven Business Automation Powered by Cloud Native Java
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Mario Fusco, Maciej Swiderski & Edoardo Vacchi posted 4. November 2019
  30. In this talk Fabian shows how to write a Kubernettes operator in Java using Quarkus and the Kubernettes Java client
    Writing a Kubernetes Operator in Java
    from Instana / Devoxx Belgium by Fabian Stäber posted 4. November 2019
  31. Loïc doing a french introduction of Quarkus at Devfest Nantes
    Développer une API Cloud Ready avec Quarkus
    (fr) from DevFest Nantes / GDG France / ZenikaIT by Loïs Mathieu posted 31. October 2019
  32. Sergey gives overview on Quarkus with Apache Tika, a content detection and analysis framework. Highlights the performance improvements and how other Apache projects can utilize Quarkus and be ready for GraalVM native images.
    Apache Tika Goes Native with GraalVM and Quarkus | ApacheCon
    from Red Hat by Sergey Beryozkin posted 23. October 2019
  33. Sanne did a talk at Qcon Sao Paulo on Quarkus & GraalVM.
    Quarkus and GraalVM: Booting Hibernate at Supersonic Speed, Subatomic Size
    from QCon Sao Paulo 2019 by Sanne Grinovero posted 11. September 2019
  34. Marcus shows how to create native executable with Quarkus and how fast it scales. Part of JakartaOne online web conference.
    Turbocharged Java with Quarkus
    from Eclipse Foundation by Marcus Biel posted 11. September 2019
  35. Adam in a video where he buils a web application from scratch and access the backend using the Fetch API with and without activated CORS
    Quarkus JAX-RS Service With CORS Support
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 14. August 2019
  36. Quarkus provides a supersonic development experience and a subatomic execution environment thanks to its integration with GraalVM. This talk is about the reactive side of Quarkus and how to use it to implement reactive and data-streaming applications.
    Subatomic Reactive Systems with Quarkus
    from JBCNConf / Red Hat by Clement Escoffier posted 31. July 2019
  37. Mark takes you through the history of Java and explains why Quarkus is a game-changer for its future.
    The (A) future of Java and containers
    from J4K Conference / Red Hat by Mark Little posted 30. July 2019
  38. Video from Adam Bien - Installing Jaeger, creating a microprofile.io / quarkus.io service with MicroProfile OpenTracing from scratch in 7 minutes.
    MicroProfile OpenTracing, Jaegertracing and Quarkus ...in 7mins
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 24. July 2019
  39. Combining Eclipse MicroProfile and Quarkus lets developers deliver feature-rich, container-based MicroProfile applications that start in under tens of milliseconds. This talk live-codes a container-based MicroProfile application that is deployed to Kubernetes.
    Build Eclipse MicroProfile apps quickly with Quarkus | Jakarta TechTalks
    from Eclipse Foundation / Red Hat by John Clingan posted 25. June 2019
  40. Dimitris talks about benefits of Quarkus, including developer joy, supersonic speed, and best of breed libraries and standards in this overview talk.
    Quarkus : Supersonic, subatomic Java
    from Voxxed Athens / Red Hat by Dimitris Andreadis posted 14. June 2019
  41. This talk demonstrates how to use Quarkus to create super small, super fast Java containers, which can be a game-changer, especially in a serverless environment.
    Java, Turbocharged
    from JOTB19 / Red Hat by Marcus Biel posted 10. June 2019
  42. Create your first Quarkus project and learn why the tool sparks joy in the hearts of developers.
    Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus, by Edson Yanaga
    from SouJava / Red Hat by Edson Yanaga posted 24. May 2019
  43. Sanne talks at Devoxx about GraalVM and Hibernate with Quarkus.
    Quarkus and GraalVM: booting Hibernate at supersonic speed, subatomic size
    from Devoxx UK / Red Hat by Sanne Grinovero posted 16. May 2019
  44. Marthen Luther shows how to create a simple Java application using Quarkus and deploy it as a serverless application on Knative.
    Taste of Serverless Application Development
    from Red Hat by Marthen Luther posted 9. May 2019
  45. This DevNation Live tutorial demonstrates how to use Quarkus to optimize your enterprise Java apps, your APIs, your microservices, and your serverless functions for a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment that is vastly smaller, faster, and more scalable.
    Quarkus: Supersonic, subatomic Java | DevNation Live
    from Red Hat Developer by Burr Sutter posted 4. April 2019
  46. QTips - a video play list on getting started with Quarkus
    Quarkus Tips Video Playlist
    from Quarkus.io / Red Hat by Quarkus.io posted 29. March 2019
  47. The goal of Quarkus is to make Java a leading platform in Kubernetes and serverless environments, while offering developers a unified reactive and imperative programming model to optimally address a wider range of distributed application architectures. Learn more in this introduction to the project.
    OpenShift Commons Briefing Introducing Quarkus: a next-generation Kubernetes Native Java framework
    from OpenShift, Red Hat by Thomas Qvarnstrom, Jason Greene posted 28. March 2019