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Thanks to the community feedback, this new Alpha comes with a lot of bugfixes and improvements, especially for Continuous Testing.

1.13.3.Final is a maintenance release for our 1.13 release train.

With this first alpha release, we are starting the journey ultimately leading to our new major, Quarkus 2.0.

If fast startup and live reload weren't enough for you, maybe custom extensions will convince you that you can achieve great things with Quarkus.

Find out how to easily integrate the React and Patternfly GUI frameworks into your projects for development as well as production

1.13.2.Final introduces an extension for the Oracle JDBC driver and fixes bugs

1.13.1.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

Quarkus 1.13 brings new features simplifying even further your development and deployment.

Migrating existing Java applications, like Spring Boot ones, to Quarkus by using the Migration Toolkit for Applications

Expose Quarkus Apps metrics into OpenShift using Micrometer and Prometheus