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What is Eclipse JKube Remote Development and how can it help developers build Kubernetes-native applications with Quarkus.

Quarkus 2.16.3.Final is the third maintenance release of our 2.16 release train.

This version marks a huge milestone: the Jakarta EE 10 work has been integrated into our main branch.

The February edition of the Quarkus Newsletter; curated online stories, articles, and videos about Quarkus.

Writing Hibernate queries using the Criteria API can be anything but intuitive and comes at the expense of wordiness. In this article, you will learn how the JPAStreamer Quarkus extension facilitates type-safe Hibernate queries without unnecessary complexity.

Quarkus 2.16.2.Final is the second maintenance release of our 2.16 release train.

DataCater provides a developer-friendly ETL platform. Learn why it chose Quarkus for its recent rewrite.

Quarkus 2.16.1.Final is the first maintenance release of our 2.16 release train.

We released Quarkus 2.16.0.Final with improvements to the Redis and gRPC extensions, among other things.

Native runtime GC policy switches to adaptive to more consistency and predictability