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Quarkus is Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatible!

With the announcement that Quarkus 1.1 was available in December 2019, and after a tremendous effort from all the contributors and community, we’re excited to announce that Quarkus 1.1 is Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatible! MicroProfile 3.2 was released November 2019, bringing updates to the Metrics and Health specifications, but what is MicroProfile and why do I care? MicroProfile creates specifications for developing microservices with Enterprise Java, making compatibility with MicroProfile a key feature of Quarkus....

Quarkus support in IDE's

An overview on currently available IDE integrations for Quarkus.

Sentry Error Tracker - A guardian of your Quarkus application

If like me you have met Quarkus and fell in love, you started implementing your backend and you started to feel so light and quick, click clack, whoot whoot…​ in a woosh, your lightning fast native container is ready to be sent on your brand new Kubernetes cluster 🤙 This is awesome!! Mmmeahh you may have forgotten a detail…​ have you thought about the fate of your first production exception (please be honest with me...

Quarkus Newsletter #4

Latest online content in and around Quarkus.

Quarkus 1.1.1.Final released - Bugfixes only

1.1.1.Final fixes several issues mostly in our Kotlin and Gradle support.

Quarkus 1.1.0.Final released - Template engine, YAML configuration, and more

Template engine, YAML configuration, Gradle improvements... learn more about what we have baked for you in 1.1.

Delay in GraalVM 19.3 support - planned for Quarkus 1.2 - here is why

For Quarkus 1.1.0.Final, we had to take the hard decision to go back to GraalVM 19.2 while our CR1 used 19.3. Here is why.

Quarkus Newsletter #3

Latest online content in and around Quarkus.

For fast innovation and to stay ahead of the competition, Talkdesk chooses Quarkus

Talkdesk, founded in 2011, is a fast growing company with a cloud Contact Center as a service (CCaaS) solution featuring increased productivity, higher cost savings and better customer experience. Their platform includes voice solutions, digital channels, workforce engagement management, reporting and analytics, AI and automation, and integrations to third-party software, like Twilio, Salesforce, Zendesk and many others. Since the Talkdesk solution runs on multiple clouds, resource consumption is very important to them and to their...

Quarkus 1.0.1.Final released - Important security fix

1.0.1.Final fixes an important security issue. Upgrade highly recommended.