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Quarkus has a logo

The Quarkus project team leadership worked with the Middleware Engineering Services (MWES) Design team to create the visual identity of the Quarkus brand. To design the brand the MWES team looked to the project name and took into consideration the project’s unique features; its small size, its ultra-fast scaling speed, and its Kubernetes roots. The logo also had to live up to the project tagline: "Supersonic Subatomic Java." The Quarkus Logo Breaking down the logo’s...

Welcome to Quarkus!

Quarkus has received awesome community feedback. Many many thanks for your warm encouragements, your contributions, your proposals and above all your enthusiasm. This has gone beyond our wildest expectations. Let’s keep rocking! Join us on our Google group or Zulip chat. Oh by the way, quite a few people ask us whether Quarkus was Open Source? Of course, all is on GitHub under the ASL 2.0 license.