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Vodafone Greece replaces Spring Boot with Quarkus

Vodafone Greece is the second largest telecommunications company in Greece providing fixed and wireless phone service to over 6M subscribers. Vodafone Greece runs many applications on-premise and on the cloud so cloud resource consumption costs are extremely important to them. One component of their architecture is the Digital eXperience Layer (DXL), a Kubernetes-based software, which serves as a middleware between the Vodafone’s Core Systems (SOAP-based communication) and the clients (Web/Mobile) by providing an easily consumable...

Quarkus for Spring Developers

The arrival of Quarkus 1.0 brings an innovative platform for developing Linux container- and kubernetes-native Java microservices. Developers typically have to set aside their existing knowledge as they begin to evaluate new and innovative runtime frameworks. Quarkus is different because it was created by a collection of engineers with a deep expertise in a broad collection of Java technologies. This includes Spring API compatibility, brought to Quarkus by the same engineers that bring Spring Boot...

GoWithFlow chooses Quarkus to deliver fast to production with minimal risk

GoWithFlow, a recent startup based out of Portugal, a spin-off from CEiiA with Galp as a majority shareholder, provides integrated mobility solutions that can both provision end-to-end services to new mobility operators (eg. running a scooter-sharing network, managing an EV charging network, managing a fleet), but also gather data from other mobility operators, e.g.car-sharing operators, public transportation, etc, and thus provide a single access to mobility within a city. They consolidate all this data for...

Announcing Quarkus 1.0

Today marks a real milestone for the Quarkus community and the Java community at large. Quarkus 1.0 Candidate Release 1 is out and it will shortly be followed by a 1.0 Final version.

Quarkus 0.28.1 released - Some more bugfixes, help us squash 404s

0.28.1 is a bugfix release. We also made some changes to the guides and quickstarts URLs.

Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code - 1.1.0 release

New features for Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code.

Quarkus 0.27.0 released - More Amazon Lambda goodness

More Amazon Lambda features, move to Jakarta, usability fixes, go find out what we baked for you.

Quarkus 0.26.1 released - Stabilizing things and adding Vault support

Quarkus 0.26.1 comes with bugfixes and doc improvements. It also adds an extension for Vault support.

Quarkus 0.25.0 released - Security layer updated

We continue on our journey to rewrite the security layer.

Quarkus on JBoss Asylum Podcast

Jason, Emmanuel, Bill and Max on Asylum podcast about the making of Quarkus