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In the just released Quarkus 1.12.0.Final, your applications are now packaged as fast-jars by default.

We are very pleased to announce the 1.4.0 release of Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ. This release enhances codestarts support in the Quarkus project wizard. Codestarts The Quarkus project wizard now highlights codestarts enabled extension with a specific icon (right to the extension name), similar to code.quarkus.io, allowing users to better identify codestarts enabled extensions. Moving Forward If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, by all means please open an issue. Thank you for reading...

1.11.3.Final mainly fixes a regression when using OpenTracing in combination with RESTEasy in a native executable.

RESTEasy Reactive FAQ

1.11.2.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

Quarkus Insights Q&A

Next Monday (8th Feb 21), we will do Quarkus Insights based on your questions.

How to build a Quarkus application using AMQP in less than 10 minutes

Quarkus Newsletter #9

Latest online content in and around Quarkus.

1.11.1.Final fixes issues and comes with documentation improvements.

Quarkus 1.11 has been released. It comes with RESTEasy Reactive, a Dev UI, Micrometer enhancements, dev mode support for jbang, and Spring Data REST.