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Quarkus Insights #3: Hibernate with Panache

Stéphane talks us through how to do Hibernate with Panache.

Quarkus Insights #2: quarkus:dev and Command mode

Stuart on the wonders of command mode and behind the scenes of quarkus:dev.

Ideas on Quarkus command-mode, UI-based apps and releasing via Github Actions

Ideas on how to use Quarkus command-mode to develop native applications with web frontends; built with Github Actions.

Quarkus Insights #1: Tests

First (real) episode on Quarkus Insights with Georgios on all things Testing.

Quarkus Newsletter #6

Latest online content in and around Quarkus.

Sedona rewrites insurance premium actuarial engine using Quarkus

Sedona, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Paris, is a consulting and information technology services company with offices in 3 countries: France, Switzerland, and China. Sedona has 180 experts worldwide, with 40% of those based out of the Paris office. Sedona responded to a call for tenders (request for proposal) for a calculation engine for a Financial and Insurance French firm, which had been using Microsoft Excel to perform the estimation of insurance premiums and...

Quarkus 1.4.2.Final released - Bugfixes

1.4.2.Final fixes some regressions and bugs.

Introducing Command Mode

Ever wanted to use Quarkus awesome API’s and full feature set from a command line application ? Did you need to run a scheduled batch job now and then and not wanting to embed it into your main Quarkus built service ? Quarkus has thus far been used to write applications that runs via an endpoint i.e. long running webserver via http or short-lived function in a serverless environment. In Quarkus 1.4 command mode lets...

Quarkus Insights on Youtube Live

Quarkus Insights is a live streaming channel where we and guests will talk to get insights on how Quarkus works and how it is used.

Mocking CDI beans in Quarkus

Quarkus 1.4 introduces some interesting new capabilities for mocking CDI beans.