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Quarkus 0.24.0 released - Vert.x everywhere

0.24.0 relies on Eclipse Vert.x to serve your REST requests and introduces a new security layer.

Quarkus 0.23.2 released - Back on track

0.23.2 fixes the memory usage increase observed in 0.23.

Quarkus Newsletter #1

Latest online content in and around Quarkus.

Quarkus 0.23.1 released - Paving the way to our new HTTP layer

0.23.1 had a regression, please use 0.23.2.

Quarkus developer joy for VS Code

Showcasing the new Quarkus VS Code extension.

Quarkus 0.22.0 released

We just released Quarkus 0.22.0 with improved Spring API support.

Quarkus 0.21.2 released

We just released Quarkus 0.21.2 fixing several bugs and usability issues. Time to upgrade.

Quarkus 0.21.1 released

We just released Quarkus 0.21.1. As for 0.20.0, to build native executables, you will need GraalVM 19.1.1. What’s new? This release is mostly about fixing bugs and usability issues. The Kafka Streams and Apache Tika extensions got their usability greatly improved for instance. You can find the full changelog of 0.21.0 and the few additional issues we fixed in 0.21.1 on GitHub. We have a lot of interesting things in the works so stay tuned...

Tips to use Hibernate ORM with Quarkus profiles and live coding mode

Hibernate ORM lets you generate or update the database schema. Let's explore when to use such option in combination with live coding.

Using CircleCI to Build a Native Quarkus Application

With a little bit of config mojo, it is possible (and useful) to build a native Quarkus application in CircleCI.