NEWSLETTER ISSUE #16 - January 2022

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Java InfoQ Trends Report—December 2021

"Quarkus… has 'crossed the chasm' into the Early Majority space."

The new Trends report highlights Quarkus's continued maturity that reflects a year of change within the developer community.

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Ask (Quark)us Anything!

Q&A Session on Monday, January 17th's Quarkus Insights Podcast

Time for our semi-annually Q&A session where we drive the episode using your questions!

Submit your question or post a tweet using the hashtag #quarkusinsights. Upvote or like a tweet interesting questions to prioritize the questions.

See you Monday 17th January on Quarkus Insights!

How to use Quarkus with the Service Binding Operator

By Ioannis Kanellos

Learn how to automatically generate a ServiceBinding resource, then go through the whole process from installing operators to configuring and deploying an application.

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How to run Quarkus applications on Kubernetes

By F. Marchioni

In this article we will learn how to deploy a Quarkus application on top of a Kubernetes cluster. We will start with a minimal REST application and then we will increase its complexity.

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Lessons learned migrating Spring Boot to Quarkus

By Roman Martin

A developer's personal experience migrating Spring Boot applications to Quarkus. 

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Videos of the Month

"Q" Tip: Your first application using the Quarkus CLI

Quarkus Insights #74: Deploying OpenShift applications in the Real World using Quarkus

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