NEWSLETTER ISSUE #15 - December 2021

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Testing a Quarkus Kafka Application

By Matt Schroeder

Quarkus, a “Kubernetes Native Java stack,” enables lighter Java applications with faster startup times.

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Explore Java 17 language features with Quarkus

By Ana-Maria Mihalceanu

Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java framework made for Java virtual machines (JVMs) and native compilation, optimizing Java for containers. 

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Quarkus Bean Discovery with Jandex Indexing

By baeldung


In this article, we'll learn the difference between bean discovery in Quarkus and classic Jakarta EE environments. We'll focus on how to ensure that Quarkus can discover annotated classes in external modules.

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Automating Quarkus with GitLab

By KimJohn Quinn

Since moving to Quarkus, our productivity quickly started to outpace our CI/CD process. We needed a better way to leverage microservice and cloud-native approaches, deploy faster and more frequently, and involve everyone throughout the entire process.

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Boost throughput with RESTEasy Reactive in Quarkus 2.2

By Daniel Oh

With the new 2.2 release, Quarkus continues to improve in terms of network-related features, reactive programming, and integration with the Eclipse Vert.x event bus.

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Azure Resources Operator with Quarkus

By Geoffrey Muselli

Write a Kubernetes Operator to provision Azure Resources using the Azure Rest API with Quarkus.

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