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Using our Tooling

Quarkus comes with a toolchain enabling developers from live reload all the way down to deploying a Kubernetes application. In addition, there are plugins and extensions to all major IDEs.

In this guide, we will explore:

  • how to use Maven as a build tool

  • how to use Gradle as a build tool

  • how to use the CLI for your toolchain

  • how to create and scaffold a new project

  • how to deal with extensions

  • how to enable live reload

  • how to develop your application in your IDE

  • how to compile your application natively

  • how to set up Quarkus tools in Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Che and IntelliJ IDEA

Choosing your build tool

Quarkus comes with a toolchain to help you at all development stages. You can use Maven or Gradle as build tool. And we offer a CLI that is convenient to use.

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