Developer Joy

Beyond simply working, we’re aiming for Joy.

Quarkus is not just about being great for writing Web Applications or Micro-Services. We’re focusing on more than the feature set: we make sure that every feature works well, simply, with little to no configuration, in the most intuitive way possible. It should be trivial to develop simple things, and easy to develop the more complex ones.

Live Coding

Improve and expedite the inner loop development process with live coding where code changes are automatically reflected in your running application. code -> refresh browser -> repeat
Read the Dev Mode guide

Unified Config

Gone are the days of a thousand configuration files and formats. A single configuration file is all it takes for Quarkus applications to configure every single extension.


Quarkus focuses on the simplest and most useful way to use a given feature, trimming it to its most useful essence. This includes upfront analysis on how to best use a feature and guiding you in what we think is the best way to do things.

Dev UI

Visualize and configure extensions as well as access to application logs and testing components
Read the Dev UI guide

Dev Services

Automatic provisioning and application wiring of supporting services such as databases, identity servers, and more.
Read the Dev Services guide

Continuous Testing

Get instant feedback on code changes as tests run in the background on impacted code.
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Command Line Interface

Create projects, manage extensions, and execute essential build and dev commands.
Read the CLI Tooling guide

Remote Development

Run dev mode remotely with changes to local files immediately available in a containerize environment.
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