Quarkus Newsletter #9

We took a little break, but now another Newsletter round of stories found!

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Article & Blogs

  1. Victor shows how to go from bad approach to validation to use Bean Validation on Quarkus to get powerful and reusable validations.
    Quarkus Tutorial: Using Bean Validation on Quarkus.io
    by Victor Osorio posted 25. January 2021
  2. Michał compares Micronaut and Quarkus on what technologies they support. Looking forward to his part 2.
    QuarkusMicronaut vs Quarkus — what’s the difference?
    from Software Mill by Michał Chmielarz posted 22. January 2021
  3. Sebastian walks through how to develop a kubectl plugins with Quarkus, picocli and jbang.
    Building kubectl plugins with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Sebastien Blanc posted 21. January 2021
  4. Discusses the top new features in Quarkus 1.11
    Java-Framework Quarkus 1.11 f"uhrt RESTEasy Reactive und neues Dev UI ein
    (de) by Matthias Parbel posted 21. January 2021
  5. Quarkus 1.11 Release blog on new features
    Quarkus 1.11 released - RESTEasy Reactive, Dev UI, and more!
    from Red Hat by Guillaume Smet posted 20. January 2021
  6. Jeff walks through his top 10 reasons why using Quarkus on OpenShift is a win.
    10 reasons to develop Quarkus applications on Red Hat OpenShift
    from Red Hat by Jeff Beck posted 15. January 2021
  7. Build microservices to help Santa schedule his deliveries using Quarkus and MicroProfile.
    Merry Chistmas and Happy Fallback with Microprofile
    by Antonio Goncalves posted 12. January 2021
  8. Discussion of using Quarkus test resources for integrating Linux containers into your integration tests
    Quarkus and Testcontainers
    from Red Hat by Gunnar Morling posted 28. November 2020
  9. Quarkus Gives Spring Boot Users a Path to Serverless and Live Coding
    Quarkus Gives Spring Boot Users a Path to Serverless and Live Coding
    from Red Hat by Alex Handy posted 17. November 2020
  10. Article about the experience with Quarkus in native image mode. In Spanish
    Java is back
    (es) by Bastian Bastias Sanchez posted 28. October 2020
  11. Though Quarkus offers extensions for MicroProfile, including metrics, we’re now recommending the use of the Micrometer extension for metrics in Quarkus with the release of 1.9.
    Micrometer is recommended for metrics with Quarkus 1.9
    from Red Hat by Ken Finnigan posted 19. October 2020
  12. But, how do you test Quarkus applications and services? In this talk, we show how you how. We’ll look at how to test basic components, mocks, stubs, or (secured) RESTful web APIs.
    Quarked testing: Writing tests for Quarkus - Red Hat Developer
    from Red Hat by Alex Soto Bueno, Burr Sutter posted 12. October 2020
  13. Red Hat is making a version of its Quarkus runtime for deploying Java applications on Kubernetes that doesn’t require a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) available as part of its Red Hat Runtimes subscription service.
    Red Hat Adds Cloud-Native Quarkus Runtime for Java Applications - Container Journal
    from Container Journal by Mike Vizard posted 2. October 2020


  1. This course explains what Quarkus is so you can decide if it's suited for your project.
    Quarkus: Fundamentals
    from Pluralsight by Antonio Goncalves posted 15. January 2021


  1. Erin and Georgios sits down and talk about Quarkus 1.11 release touching on resteasy reactive, micrometer, jbang and lots of questions from listeners.
    quarkusio: Quarkus Insights - Episode #34: Talking about the Quarkus 1.11
    from Red Hat by Quarkus Team posted 25. January 2021
  2. jHipster Quarkus release discussion
    jHipster Quarkus release discussion
    by Anthony Viard posted 25. January 2021
  3. Talk with Java Champion Antonio Goncalves about Quarkus, and the two free e-books he just published on the subject.
    Antonio Goncalves on Quarkus
    from Java on Azure by Java on Azure and Antonio Goncalves posted 25. January 2021
  4. By the end of the episode, you'll know what Quarkus is and you'll have learned about the advantages that serverless computing brings to your business operations and your bottom line.
    S1E4: Red Hat Expert Insights: What is Quarkus, Anyway? And What Do I Need to know about Serverless Computing?
    from Moser Consulting and Red Hat by ASCII Anything + Jim Garrett posted 21. January 2021
  5. Enhancing the development loop with Quarkus Remote Dev
    Enhancing the development loop with Quarkus Remote Dev
    from Red Hat by Daniel Oh posted 20. January 2021
  6. Discussion on why to use Quarkus.
    Por que usar Quarkus? - Hipsters.Talks #36
    (br) by Alura Cursos Online posted 20. January 2021
  7. Part 1 - Quarkus: what's behind the Supersonic Subatomic and Part 2 - Microservices with Quarkus live demo
    Quarkus night!
    from Singapore Java User Group by Emmanuel Bernard, Antonio Goncalves posted 15. December 2020