Quarkus Newsletter #6

Welcome to #6, better late than never! Its been a busy time, with releases, Red Hat Summit and other virtual events. Noone stood still and this months list of news shows things are moving fast.

In addittion to the newsletter we started Quarkusio Insights Live which is a live video podcast where we will go over more detailed subjects and answer questions from the live chat. If interested to be notified when we are going live or upload episodes go subscribe to QuarkusIO channel.

For the news below - give it a read and if you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter install the bookmarklet on your laptop and phone to easily submit a story. If you prefer the manual way please open an issue with a short description and a url


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Article & Blogs

Behind the Scenes (=Magic) of Dependency Injection in Quarkus : Adam Bien's Weblog

Adam walks through how Quarkus work behind the scenes. Shows how you can validate what Quarkus actually does.
Author: Adam Bien
Posted: 3. May 2020

How to deploy Quarkus on Google App Engine

Dmytro tells the story on how he learned to save money and time using Quarkus on Google Cloud Platform. Great info on how to run it and how to work with Quarkus on GCP.
Author: Dmytro
Posted: 3. May 2020

Adding data to the Vert.X web layer from your Quarkus application : idk.dev

Example on how to use a request filter to exchange data in the web layer using headers and CDI
Author: Data Science
Posted: 3. May 2020

De QuarkusIO à Kubernetes en 10 secondes | | Middleware Solutions

How to deploy your Quarkus app on Kubernetes in 10 secs (in French)
Author: Emmanuel Lesne
Posted: 24. April 2020
From: Middleware Solutions

How to use GitHub Actions to deploy your Quarkus app to GCP

Maxime outlines how he fully automated with GitHub Actions his deployment of a Quarkus app to Google Cloud Platform.
Author: Maxime David
Posted: 23. April 2020

Qute: a template for Quarkus Web applications

Qute is a native-capable and async templating engine and Francesco introduces you to examples and syntax of Qute.
Author: Francesco Marchioni
Posted: 20. April 2020
From: Red Hat

Quarkus meets Liquibase | Capgemini Engineering

Liquibase the second database migration tool available with a Quarkus extension. Written by Andrej and in this article he walks through how Liquibase for Quarkus works
Author: Andrej Petras
Posted: 23. March 2020
From: Cap Gemini

One year of Quarkus at Talkdesk

Bruno walks through a year of using Quarkus
Author: Bruno Baptista
Posted: 19. March 2020
From: Talkdesk

Microservices with Quarkus – GraphQL API+ Reactive MySQL

Dumi gives a nice example of implementing GraphQL using reactive mysql with a sprinkle of Vert.x all nicely combined and orchestrated with Quarkus.
Author: Duminda Wanninayake
Posted: 7. March 2020

Quarkus with MicroProfile, RAM, Jetty and -Xmx18m

Once again Adam goes in an compare numbers; in this he shows how Quarkus with its 'treeshaking' ends up taking up less memory than an empty Jetty. Interesting comparison - worth a watch!
Author: Adam Bien
Posted: 7. March 2020

Quarkus vs. WildFly -- Requests per Second

Adam likes to measure and compare things - this time he takes on Quarkus vs WildFly - two projects that shares a lot of the same engineering roots. Interesting quick screencast that gives some external understanding on these two great projects.
Author: Adam Bien
Posted: 7. March 2020

Quarkus - Make Java Great Again

Jaydeep gives his angle on how he thinks Quarkus can help make Java great again. Something we fully believe together with him.
Author: Jaydeep Deshmukh
Posted: 7. March 2020

CodeTalks - Java Particle Acceleration using Quarkus

Alex gives his take on introducing Quarkus and how it accelerates development.
Author: Alex Soto
Posted: 1. March 2020

Quarkus tests with Testcontainers and PostgreSQL

Rafal outlines how he uses Testcontainers to setup tests of his Quarkus application with automatic start/stop of a PostgreSQL database!
Author: Rafal Borowiec
Posted: 28. February 2020

Migrating the Spark Operator to Quarkus

Jiri goes on an interesting journey outlining how he took the existing plain Java based Operator for Spark and converted it to a Quarkus based Operator.
Author: Jiri Kremser
Posted: 26. February 2020

Using the OpenJ9 JVM for Quarkus Applications

OpenJ9 is an alternative JavaVM to OpenJDK. In this article Niklas takes it for a ride and shows how it stack up against GraalVM and OpenJDK in a basic CRUD application.
Author: Niklas Heidloff
Posted: 25. February 2020

Development of Reactive Applications with Quarkus

Niklas outlines how he wrote a reactive application in Quarkus with some nice drawings and scenarioes.
Author: Niklas Heidloff
Posted: 20. January 2020
From: IBM

If you know of a cool article, blog or video that we are missing, please submit an issue.


Deploying Multiple Cloud-Native Apps with OpenShift Serverless

Red Hat Middleware demonstrate how Quarkus when deployed natively results in being faster to start than Spring Boot, NodeJS, Python and Go.
Author: Red Hat Middleware
Posted: 4. June 2020
From: Red HAt

Quarkus: The Black Swan of Java?

Max give his Black Swan talk at Switzerland Java User Group in the first ~45 minutes and the last ~30 minutes he is answering 25+ questions from the live audience.
Author: Java User Group Switzerland
Posted: 1. May 2020
From: Switzerland Java User Group - Red Hat

Nataniel Paiva has a youtube channel with course of Quarkus and MongoDB

Nataniel has courses in youtube channel (portuguese) talking about Quarkus and MongoDB
Author: Nataniel Paiva
Posted: 18. April 2020

Nataniel Paiva has a youtube channel with course of Quarkus and PanacheEntity

Nataniel has courses in youtube channel (portuguese) talking about Quarkus and PanacheEntity with PostgreSQL
Author: Nataniel Paiva
Posted: 16. April 2020

Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers

Sebastian walks through how to use and how quarkus:dev works when running in containers
Author: Sebastian Daschner
Posted: 19. March 2020
From: Java Code Geeks

Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers

Doing testing in containers does not need to be hard - Sebastian shows how he setup testing in his docker container setup.
Author: Sebastian Daschner
Posted: 18. March 2020

Future Finance Data Innovations with Open Banking and PSD2 Eero Arvonen (Suomen Asiakastieto)

Eero Arvonen talks about their Finance/Banking data app which now in parts are migrated from Thorntail to Quarkus. He walk throughs the pain points and advantages of using Quarkus.
Author: OpenShift
Posted: 31. January 2020
From: Asiakastieto Group