Quarkus Newsletter #5

Welcome to #5! This month a few blogs with everything from basic introduction, test-containers and a walkthrough on how to do multi-tenancy with Quarkus.

Give it a go and if you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter install the bookmarklet on your laptop and phone to easily submit a story. If you prefer the manual way please open an issue with a short description and a url


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Article & Blogs

Optimize your code for Quarkus – Jean-François James

Jean-François describes how he by using Quarkus API's significantly reduced the amount of configuration and boiler-plate code.
Author: Jean-François James
Posted: 24. February 2020


Harald outlines his approach on using docker-compose to setup integration test environment in his Quarkus project.
Author: Harald Reinmüller
Posted: 24. February 2020

Quarkus – A New Age of Modern Java Frameworks is Here – { 4Comprehension }

Grzegorz is not a fan of frameworks but still found a light in Quarkus. Read this article on his angle on why he like Quarkus and used it to make Quarkus hazelcast extension.
Author: Grzegorz Piwowarek
Posted: 23. February 2020
From: Hazelcast

Implement multi tenancy oidc and hibernate on quarkus

Dorian goes through how to do multitenancy in Quarkus using his latest Quarkus extension all hooked up to Open ID.
Author: Dorian Maliszewski
Posted: 17. February 2020

Quarkus and Testcontainers

Loic walks through how to use TestContainers with Quarkus.
Author: Loic Mathieu
Posted: 17. February 2020

Déployer une application native Quarkus sur Clever-cloud – Lunatech

Deploying a native Quarkus app on Clever Cloud (French)
Author: Nicolas Martignole
Posted: 7. February 2020
From: Lunatech

Monitoring REST APIs with Custom JDK Flight Recorder Events - Gunnar Morling

How to use flight Recorder custom events in a Quarkus app
Author: Gunnar Morling
Posted: 29. January 2020

Quarkus: an open-source tool to write your Java applications

Nicolas from Lunatech walks through his initials thoughs on Quarkus and stating he'll post more while he evaluates Quarkus. We are looking forward to it!
Author: Nicolas Martignole
Posted: 27. January 2020
From: Lunatech

Alexa skill with Quarkus

Mirko walks you through how he used Quarkus to make an Alexa skill hosted on Amazon Lambda.
Author: Mirko Bonasorte
Posted: 7. December 2019