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Quarkus Newsletter #4

For the first Quarkus Newsletter of 2020 we got quite a nice selection!

People trying out the new experimental template engine Qute for Quarkus, migration of existing apps, framework comparisons, MapStruct and an excellent video on deploying Quarkus in the real-world.

Give it a go and if you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter install the bookmarklet on your laptop and phone to easily submit a story. If you prefer the manual way please open an issue with a short description and a url


Article & Blogs

  1. Diego Camara made a Quarkus implementation that is now listed on realworld site.
    diegocamara/realworld-api-quarkus: Simple case of an real world api using quarkus framework.
    by Diego Camara posted 11. January 2020
  2. Gunnar are giving Qute a test ride showing how he wrote a todo app using server side rendered templates with Quarkus.
    Quarkus Qute – A Test Ride - Gunnar Morling
    from Red Hat by Gunnar Morling posted 3. January 2020
  3. Hayri gives his intro on how to use Qute in Quarkus.
    Hello You Qute Templating Engine
    by Hayri Cicek posted 27. December 2019
  4. Francesco outlines how to write a basic web app using JAX-RS, Quarkus and Vue.js
    JAX-RS Crud Application using Quarkus and Vue.js
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 20. December 2019
  5. Jean-Francois walks us through him migrating his Jakarta EE appliation to Quarkus, outlines the differences and similarities and give his perspective on the approach Quarkus takes.
    Run your Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application on Quarkus with minimum changes – Jean-François James
    by Jean-Francois James posted 17. December 2019

  6. Quarkus - an elementary DevOps particle - CROZ
    from Croz by Denis Jaicevic posted 8. December 2019
  7. How to use MapStruct and Quarkus together: match in heaven.
    MapStruct and Quarkus - a match made in heaven? – MapStruct
    from MapStruct by Christian Bandowski posted 6. December 2019
  8. Ualter goes through and compare Quarkus to his Spring Boot usage.
    Microservices: Quarkus vs. Spring Boot
    by Ualter Azambuja posted 6. December 2019
  9. Thomas Qvarnstrom interviewed by InfoQ on Quarkus release.
    Quarkus, a Kubernetes Native Java Framework, Reaches Version 1.0: Q&A with Thomas Qvarnstrom
    from Red Hat by Thomas Qvarnstrom posted 5. December 2019
  10. Comparing memory usages of various combinations of Java stacks
    Slim Decafe Java – Pulse Code
    by Ben Coleman posted 30. November 2019
  11. Vincent explains his journey to bring a difficult PR from proposal to release in Quarkus.
    Behind the curtain
    by Vincent Sevel posted 28. October 2019


  1. Memory Consumption: WildFly Full ThinWAR vs. Quarkus SkimmedJAR : Adam Bien's Weblog
    by Adam Bien posted 14. January 2020
  2. In this Virtual Jug Roberto and Bruno hosts talks about their experience deploying Quarkus in the real-world.
    Quarkus in Real-World Deployments
    from Virtual Jug / Talkdesk by Roberto Cortez, Bruno Baptista posted 17. December 2019
  3. Vinicius host a weekly Portuguese youtube channel talking about all things Quarkus
    Vinicius Ferraz youtube channel on Quarkus in Portuguese
    (pt) from Croz by Vinicius Ferraz posted 8. December 2019