Quarkus Newsletter #35 - August

Read Ladislav Thon’s article "On the Road to CDI Compatibility" to learn about the long road to make Quarkus compatible with CDI Lite. An Elsevier software engineer (Neil Stevens) writes about how to use Quarkus to improve Java functions with AWS Lambda in "Elsevier Tech: Writing a native Java Lambda using Quarkus". Learn how to quickly deploy Red Hat Quarkus on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with a simple CRUD application in Karl Erickson, Delora Bradish, Ed Burns, and Daniel Oh’s article "Deploy a Java application with Quarkus on an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster". Otavio Santana shows you how to build a MongoDB-powered RESTful app with Quarkus and Eclipse JNoSQL: generate, configure, create entities, implement services, and expose API in "Building a MongoDB-Powered RESTful Application With Quarkus and Eclipse JNoSQL". "How to send notifications from a Quarkus app to a Telegram Chatbot using Java and the Oracle Database 23c Free — Developer Release" by Juarez Junior will explore how to use the Telegram Bot API and Quarkus to send message notifications from a Java application to your Telegram Chatbot using the Telegram API.

You will also see the latest Quarkus Insights episodes, top tweets and upcoming Quarkus attended events.

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