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Quarkus Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second episode of the Quarkus Newsletter. This is where we’ll post about new found publications related to Quarkus.

If you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter posts please open an issue with a short description and a url.

This time there was a lot of news around our 1.0 announcement; I’ve not included those unless they added something extra - that still leaves us with a new interesting workshop, articles from community members and a lot of great videos from Devoxx Belgium.


Article & Blogs

  1. A quick tour through the basics of Quarkus with some example applications
    Getting started with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 19. December 2019
  2. Walkthough on how IntelliJ IDEA can bootstrap a Quarkus projects
    Creating Quarkus projects using IntelliJ IDEA
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 8. December 2019
  3. Guide on how to secure Quarkus apps using Elytron Database Realm
    Securing Quarkus with Elytron Database Realm
    from Red Hat by Francesco Marchioni posted 19. November 2019
  4. Comparison on traditional Hibernate/JPA vs Panache approach on reducing boilerplate entity code
    Hibernate ORM with Panache in Quarkus - In Relation To
    from Hibernate / Red Hat by Stephane Epardaud posted 19. November 2019
  5. Frank describes deploying Quarkus to Kubernetes showing of his workflow and tools
    In the Fast Lane: Microservices with Quarkus and Managed Kubernetes
    from Personal / Amazon Webservices by Frank Munz posted 18. November 2019
  6. Wondered if you can do imperative and reactive programming at the same time ? Syed and Clement walks through how Quarkus makes this feasible.
    How Quarkus brings imperative and reactive programming together
    from Red Hat by Syed M. Shaaf, Clement Escoffier posted 18. November 2019
  7. Walkthrough on how to use Quarkus with Appsody and kabanero.
    Composing microservices with the Appsody Quarkus experimental collection
    from IBM by Denilson Nastacio posted 15. November 2019
  8. In this Dzone article Andrew gives his overview on how to write a Java REST API with Quarkus
    Build a Java REST API With Quarkus - DZone Java
    from MoksaMedia by Andrew Hughes posted 13. November 2019
  9. Walk through on how to use Hibernate search in Quarkus
    Hibernate Search in Quarkus - In Relation To
    from Hibernate / Red Hat by Yoann Rodière posted 12. November 2019
  10. Introduction to Quarkus made at ETH Zurich
    nxt - Introduction to Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java
    from nxt by Michael Gerber posted 11. November 2019
  11. Hantsy gives his way to kickstart your first Quarkus application
    Kickstart your first Quarkus application - Hantsy - Medium
    by Hantsy posted 9. November 2019
  12. Peter Palaga presentation around Apache CamelK and Quarkus
    Apache Camel K - supersonic subatomic integrations on Kubernetes and Knative
    from Red Hat by Peter Palaga posted 6. November 2019
  13. Randula give her writeup on her experience with Quarkus
    Quarkus, The Next Generation Container-First Framework For Java Applications | 99X Technology
    from 99x Technology by Randula Koralage posted 3. November 2019
  14. Walkthrough on how to configure your Quarkus application depending on a profile.
    Configuring A Quarkus Application With Profiles – Antonio's Blog
    by Antonio Goncalves posted 7. October 2019
  15. French introductory article about Quarkus
    Zoom sur Quarkus
    (fr) from ZenikaIT by Loïs Mathieu posted 23. April 2019


  1. Quarkus team members Guillaume and Emmanuel on the Software Engineering Daily podcast talking about Quarkus and GraalVM
    GraalVM Quarkus: Java Acceleration with Guillaume Smet and Emmanuel Bernard - Software Engineering Daily
    from Software Engineering Daily / Red Hat by Guillaume Smet and Emmanuel Bernard posted 14. November 2019


  1. A workshop where you build several microservices interoperating through HTTP and Kafka.
    Step-by-step Workshop on how to Develop a Microservice Architecture with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard, Clement Escoffier, Antonio Goncalves posted 23. October 2019


  1. In this presentation Georgios demos the building of some Spring applications with Quarkus. He shows how Spring developers can take advantage of Quarkus' live coding feature, fast boot times and small memory footprint whilst using the Spring APIs they know and love.
    Kubernetes Native Spring apps on Quarkus
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Georgios Andrianakis posted 7. November 2019
  2. Jago likes automation and playing music, so he turned his hand to automating the playing of an acoustic guitar with Quarkus and a Raspberry Pi. Jago explains why Quarkus was his framework of choice for the constrained environment of the Raspberry Pi.
    Play an Acoustic Guitar with a Raspberry Pi
    from Devoxx Belgium / OpenValue by Jago de Vreede posted 7. November 2019
  3. Emmanuel gives a code-heavy introduction to Quarkus demonstrating live reload, opinionated persistence with Hibernate Panache, testing, GraalVM native compilation and more.
    Quarkus Why, How and What
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard posted 6. November 2019
  4. In this talk Sebastien demonstrates how to connect your Quarkus applications to an identity provider and how to secure access to your application's REST API
    Secure your Quarkus Applications
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Sebastien Blanc posted 5. November 2019
  5. Michel hosts a fun battle between Quarkus and Micronaut where the audience decides the winner!
    Battle of The Microservice Frameworks: Micronaut Versus Quarkus Edition!
    from Devoxx Belgium / Craftsmen by Michel Schudel posted 4. November 2019
  6. The Kogito team demonstrate how to bring business automation to the cloud using Quarkus
    Event-driven Business Automation Powered by Cloud Native Java
    from Devoxx Belgium / Red Hat by Mario Fusco, Maciej Swiderski & Edoardo Vacchi posted 4. November 2019
  7. In this talk Fabian shows how to write a Kubernettes operator in Java using Quarkus and the Kubernettes Java client
    Writing a Kubernetes Operator in Java
    from Instana / Devoxx Belgium by Fabian Stäber posted 4. November 2019
  8. Loïc doing a french introduction of Quarkus at Devfest Nantes
    Développer une API Cloud Ready avec Quarkus
    (fr) from DevFest Nantes / GDG France / ZenikaIT by Loïs Mathieu posted 31. October 2019
  9. Sergey gives overview on Quarkus with Apache Tika, a content detection and analysis framework. Highlights the performance improvements and how other Apache projects can utilize Quarkus and be ready for GraalVM native images.
    Apache Tika Goes Native with GraalVM and Quarkus | ApacheCon
    from Red Hat by Sergey Beryozkin posted 23. October 2019