Quarkus Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first episode of the Quarkus Newsletter. This is where we’ll post about new found publications related to Quarkus.

If you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter posts please open an issue with a short description and a url.

In this first edition I’ve gathered list of interesting publications since the launch of Quarkus back in March 2019.


Article & Blogs

  1. A tutorial from Okta on how to secure a Quarkus app with Oauth 2.0, OIDC and Okta.
    How to Develop a Quarkus App with Java and OIDC Authentication | Okta Developer
    from Okta by Andrew Hughes posted 30. September 2019
  2. German in-depth article with intro and evaluation of Quarkus
    Quarkus: Der Blick über den Tellerrand
    (de) from Heise Developer by Michael Simons posted 20. September 2019
  3. John outlines how the Spring and MicroPofile APIs can be used together with Quarkus.
    Autowire MicroProfile into Spring with Quarkus
    from Red Hat by John Clingan posted 17. September 2019
  4. Alex Soto created a cheatsheet with tips/tricks on how to make things happen in Quarkus.
    Quarkus Cheat-Sheet
    from Red Hat by Alex Soto posted 31. August 2019
  5. Spring author Rodrigo wrote a nice introductory article for Quarkus.
    Guide to QuarkusIO
    from Baeldung by Rodrigo Graciano posted 13. August 2019
  6. Tim from Vorwerk Group writes on how to utilize Quarkus OpenTracing together with Instana Java OpenTracing.
    Quarkus and Instana: Lightspeed Monitoring for Supersonic Java
    from Vorwerk Group/Instana by Tim Riemer posted 30. July 2019
  7. Adam writes up how to make the simplest possible Quarkus extension.
    Simplest Possible Quarkus Extension
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 30. June 2019
  8. Guest blog by Jon Skog from Instana on how they released an Operator built with Quarkus.
    Instana Releases Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Operator Built on Quarkus – Red Hat OpenShift Blog
    from Instana / Red Hat by Jason Dobies posted 19. June 2019
  9. Walkthrough on how to use application.properties and Microprofile Config API to configure your Quarkus application.
    Configuring A Quarkus Application – Antonio's Blog
    by Antonio Goncalves posted 7. June 2019
  10. Stephan, founder of Devoxx walks through how he used Quarkus to go from a 180 MB / 56 seconds startup to 59 MB / 0.043 seconds startup with his JHipster application.
    The JHipster Quarkus demo app
    by Stephan Janssen posted 19. May 2019
  11. Yazid writes about how to use HashiCorp Consul with Quarkus
    Quarkus configuration using Consul - yazid aqel - Medium
    by yazid aqel posted 4. May 2019
  12. French introductory article about Quarkus
    Zoom sur Quarkus
    (fr) from ZenikaIT by Loïs Mathieu posted 23. April 2019
  13. Yazid made an introductury series blog on how to use Kafka and Eclipse Vert.x with Quarkus.
    Quarkus & Vertx, a powerfull combination — Part 1 Introduction
    by yazid aqel posted 21. April 2019
  14. Sebastian from Dzone gives his analysis of Quarkus.
    Thoughts on Quarkus
    by Sebastian Daschner posted 19. April 2019
  15. News article covering the launch of Quarkus
    Red Hat's Quarkus Brings Natively Compiled Java to Kubernetes - The New Stack
    from The New Stack by Mike Melanson posted 16. April 2019
  16. News article on InfoQ on the launch of Quarkus
    Quarkus, a Kubernetes Native Java Framework
    from InfoQ by Diogo Carleto posted 25. March 2019
  17. Jason Greene introducing Quarkus to the world.
    Introducing Quarkus: a next-generation Kubernetes native Java framework
    from Red Hat by Jason Greene posted 7. March 2019


  1. Adam Bien talks with Emmmanuel Bernard co-lead of Quarkus on how he got from his first computer to the first line of Quarkus.
    The First Line of Quarkus
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Emmanuel Bernard, Adam Bien posted 3. September 2019
  2. Adam Bien sits down with Dimitris, manager of the Quarkus Red Hat team. Talks on how Dimitris started in IT and his thoughts on Quarkus.
    Quarkus is the Opposite of Wildfly
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Dimitris Andreadis, Adam Bien posted 6. August 2019
  3. Stuart Douglas in a conversation with Adam Bien from his first programming language to making Quarkus having a great devmode utilizing thinjars
    Quarkus and ThinJARs
    from airhacks.fm / Red Hat by Stuart Douglas, Adam Bien posted 4. April 2019
  4. French podcast with Emmanuel Bernard talking the why and hows of Quarkus
    Interview sur Quarkus avec Emmanuel Bernard
    (fr) from Les Cast Codeurs Podcast / Red Hat by Les Cast Codeurs, Emmanuel Bernard posted 26. March 2019


  1. Various Katacoda scenarios on Developing with Quarkus on OpenShift
    Developing with Quarkus using Interactive Browser-Based Labs | Katacoda
    from Red Hat by OpenShift posted 3. April 2019


  1. Sanne did a talk at Qcon Sao Paulo on Quarkus & GraalVM.
    Quarkus and GraalVM: Booting Hibernate at Supersonic Speed, Subatomic Size
    from QCon Sao Paulo 2019 by Sanne Grinovero posted 11. September 2019
  2. Marcus shows how to create native executable with Quarkus and how fast it scales. Part of JakartaOne online web conference.
    Turbocharged Java with Quarkus
    from Eclipse Foundation by Marcus Biel posted 11. September 2019
  3. Adam in a video where he buils a web application from scratch and access the backend using the Fetch API with and without activated CORS
    Quarkus JAX-RS Service With CORS Support
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 14. August 2019
  4. Quarkus provides a supersonic development experience and a subatomic execution environment thanks to its integration with GraalVM. This talk is about the reactive side of Quarkus and how to use it to implement reactive and data-streaming applications.
    Subatomic Reactive Systems with Quarkus
    from JBCNConf / Red Hat by Clement Escoffier posted 31. July 2019
  5. Mark takes you through the history of Java and explains why Quarkus is a game-changer for its future.
    The (A) future of Java and containers
    from J4K Conference / Red Hat by Mark Little posted 30. July 2019
  6. Video from Adam Bien - Installing Jaeger, creating a microprofile.io / quarkus.io service with MicroProfile OpenTracing from scratch in 7 minutes.
    MicroProfile OpenTracing, Jaegertracing and Quarkus ...in 7mins
    from Adam Bien by Adam Bien posted 24. July 2019
  7. Combining Eclipse MicroProfile and Quarkus lets developers deliver feature-rich, container-based MicroProfile applications that start in under tens of milliseconds. This talk live-codes a container-based MicroProfile application that is deployed to Kubernetes.
    Build Eclipse MicroProfile apps quickly with Quarkus | Jakarta TechTalks
    from Eclipse Foundation / Red Hat by John Clingan posted 25. June 2019
  8. Dimitris talks about benefits of Quarkus, including developer joy, supersonic speed, and best of breed libraries and standards in this overview talk.
    Quarkus : Supersonic, subatomic Java
    from Voxxed Athens / Red Hat by Dimitris Andreadis posted 14. June 2019
  9. This talk demonstrates how to use Quarkus to create super small, super fast Java containers, which can be a game-changer, especially in a serverless environment.
    Java, Turbocharged
    from JOTB19 / Red Hat by Marcus Biel posted 10. June 2019
  10. Create your first Quarkus project and learn why the tool sparks joy in the hearts of developers.
    Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus, by Edson Yanaga
    from SouJava / Red Hat by Edson Yanaga posted 24. May 2019
  11. Sanne talks at Devoxx about GraalVM and Hibernate with Quarkus.
    Quarkus and GraalVM: booting Hibernate at supersonic speed, subatomic size
    from Devoxx UK / Red Hat by Sanne Grinovero posted 16. May 2019
  12. Marthen Luther shows how to create a simple Java application using Quarkus and deploy it as a serverless application on Knative.
    Taste of Serverless Application Development
    from Red Hat by Marthen Luther posted 9. May 2019
  13. This DevNation Live tutorial demonstrates how to use Quarkus to optimize your enterprise Java apps, your APIs, your microservices, and your serverless functions for a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment that is vastly smaller, faster, and more scalable.
    Quarkus: Supersonic, subatomic Java | DevNation Live
    from Red Hat Developer by Burr Sutter posted 4. April 2019
  14. QTips - a video play list on getting started with Quarkus
    Quarkus Tips Video Playlist
    from Quarkus.io / Red Hat by Quarkus.io posted 29. March 2019
  15. The goal of Quarkus is to make Java a leading platform in Kubernetes and serverless environments, while offering developers a unified reactive and imperative programming model to optimally address a wider range of distributed application architectures. Learn more in this introduction to the project.
    OpenShift Commons Briefing Introducing Quarkus: a next-generation Kubernetes Native Java framework
    from OpenShift, Red Hat by Thomas Qvarnstrom, Jason Greene posted 28. March 2019