Quarkus has a logo

The Quarkus project team leadership worked with the Middleware Engineering Services (MWES) Design team to create the visual identity of the Quarkus brand. To design the brand the MWES team looked to the project name and took into consideration the project’s unique features; its small size, its ultra-fast scaling speed, and its Kubernetes roots. The logo also had to live up to the project tagline: "Supersonic Subatomic Java."

The Full Quarkus Logo
The Quarkus LogoMark Icon

Breaking down the logo’s elements

Just as atoms are comprised of three elements (protons, neutrons, and electrons), the logomark is comprised of three elements: the Subatomic Quark, the Cube, and the Q Tracer Path. Each of these elements serves as visual metaphors for the core drivers of the Quarkus brand.

The Subatomic Quark Element

The Quark

Protons, neutrons, and electrons are the building blocks of the atoms in the subatomic world much like in the software development world, Quarkus provides the building blocks and the OpenSource energy to build ultra-fast, ultra-small applications. The quark visual element is the visual representation of this interplay.

The quark itself is formed by two overlapping triangles (again alluding to the three elements of an atom). The transparent overlay of the two triangles (One red and one blue) creates a hexagon in the at the center of the quark.

The Internal Cube Element

The Internal Cube

The internal hexagon is separated into three distinct sections to further define the three-dimensional cube element. The Cube is the heart of Quarkus…​ cloud-native Java. At its very core, Quarkus allows developers to run higher density workloads on existing infrastructures.

The "Q Tracer Path" Element

The Q Tracer Path

Atoms aren’t static; their internal elements are in constant motion. As such, our Quarkus star is in continuous motion too. This motion represents the speed and quickness of Quarkus’s boot time and scaling capabilities. This element also traces the path of the star (counterclockwise). The path itself forms the shape of a "Q."

Learn more about Quarkus at Quarkus.io. Keep up to date on twitter @quarkusio and get the bits on GitHub.