Quarkus 1.8.1.Final released - Bugfixes, RESTEasy Multipart extension

Today, we released Quarkus 1.8.1.Final with some bugfixes and documentation improvements.

We also introduced a new RESTEasy Multipart extension to fix an recurring encoding issues with multipart.

It is a safe upgrade for everyone using 1.8.0.Final.

What’s new?

This release is a maintenance release that fixes various bugs found in 1.8.0.Final and provides some documentation updates.

RESTEasy Multipart

The default encoding for multipart requests in RESTEasy is US-ASCII which is not very convenient in 2020.

Thanks to the quarkus-resteasy-multipart extension, the default encoding is now UTF-8 and it can be configured if needed. If working with multipart, make sure you use this extension.

More on this in the Writing JSON REST Services guide.

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