Quarkus 1.6.1.Final released - Bugfixes

Today, we released Quarkus 1.6.1.Final with some bugfixes and documentation improvements.

It is a safe upgrade for everyone using 1.6.0.Final.

What’s new?

Apart from bugfixes and usability improvements, Quarkus 1.6.1.Final introduces one behavior change: when building a native executable with GraalVM, the file.encoding is now set to UTF-8. It won’t change anything if you were using an UTF-8 system but it should be better if you were using non-UTF-8 locales on your system.

This behavior is enforced. If you have a case requiring the file.encoding to be configurable, please reach out to us via the usual channels.

Thanks to our contributors, we also made numerous improvements to the documentation.

Come Join Us

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