NEWSLETTER ISSUE #38 - November 2023

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Get started with Quarkus and JPAStreamer

By Julia Gustafsson

In the world of software development, innovation often arrives in the form of powerful tools that transform the way we build applications - enter Quarkus, a development platform that's reshaping the Java landscape.

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Red Hat Quarkus Java stack spruces up the dev UI

By Paul Krill

The Red Hat build of Quarkus 3.2 features an enriched UI for Java development and the new Pact tool for contract-based testing.

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Demystifying Quarkus Extension Development: Jandex vs. AdditionalBeanBuildItem

By Ivelin Yanev

This article explains the differences between these approaches, offering insights into their roles, applications, and the intricate interplay between them. Gain a clear understanding of how to wield these tools effectively in your Quarkus extensions.

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Skaffold with Quarkus and Kubernetes

By Ronald Koster 

Learn how to use Scaffold to quickly modify your code and redeploy it in your Kubernetes cluster. 

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Exploring why native executables produced with Mandrel 23.0 are bigger than those produced with Mandrel 22.3

By Foivos Zakkak

The results of the analysis to attribute the size increase to specific changes in Mandrel’s code  base.

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Community-Powered Observations: Your Metrics, Your Success!

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Starting with the release of 3.2 (July), the Quarkus team introduced an opt-in usage analytics collection mechanism to help understand how developers and users work with Quarkus. Here are some observations we’ve made from Q3. Please note: this is a small subset of Quarkus users. We need you (the developers/users) to turn on usage analytics to help us get a broader picture of Quarkus usage.

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Learn how to turn on (and off) Usage Analytics. 

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Github Discussions is Quarkus's place for community collaboration, conversation, events, Q&A, job opportunities, and other great community topics.

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Videos of the Month

Quarkus Insights #144: Mandrel & OpenJDK

Quarkus Insights #143: Dance with Quarkus Security

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Quarkus Insights #142: JVM profiling on Quarkus

Quarkus Insights #142: JVM profiling on Quarkus thumnail

Quarkus Insights #141: Pulsar Integration in Quarkus

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Upcoming Events with Quarkus

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Date: February 5-7, 2024
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Event Type: In Person

Jfokus is all about developers! Java SE & Java EE, Frontend & Web. Android & Mobile, Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Internet of Things, Cloud & Big Data, Future & Trends, Alt.JVM Languages like Scala, Clojure & many more, Agile development. And super heroes...

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Great International Developer Summit 2024

Date: April 23-26, 2024
Location: Bengaluru, India
Event Type: In Person

Embark on a transformative journey at GIDS 2024. From April 23-26, experience an extraordinary four-day program brimming with technical brilliance, captivating conversations, and visionary insights. Engage with trailblazing minds in software engineering and architecture, and discover the companies shaping the future of technology.

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