NEWSLETTER ISSUE #29 - February 2023

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Deploy serverless Java apps with Quarkus on Azure Functions

By Glenn Gailey, Christopher McClister, Daniel Oh, Carolyn McSharry, and Ed Burns

This article uses Quarkus Funqy and its built-in support for the Azure Functions HTTP trigger for Java. Using Quarkus with Azure Functions gives you the power of the Quarkus programming model with the scale and flexibility of Azure Functions.

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How to deploy your Quarkus application to Amazon EK

By Sascha Moellering

See how the Quarkus stack and additional extensions can be used to easily develop applications, compile them natively with GraalVM, package them in container images, and deploy them to an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) cluster.

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DataCater uses Quarkus to make Data Streaming more accessible

By Stefan Sprenger

Overview of the data streaming platform DataCater, discusses how we moved from Scala Play! and Kafka Streams to Quarkus, and presents why we think that Quarkus is an exceptional framework for developing cloud-native Java applications.

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Advanced Testing with Quarkus

By Piotr Minkowski

Learn how to build advanced testing scenarios with Quarkus. We will focus mainly on the integration tests.

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Date: April 4-6, 2023
Location: Atlanta, GA  - USA
Event Type: In-Person

Devnexus is the premier conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters.

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Devoxx UK

Date: May 10-12, 2023
Location: London, England
Event Type: In Person

Devoxx UK is a space for developers to learn, sharpen their skills and get hands-on experience with the latest tech.

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