NEWSLETTER ISSUE #25 - October 2022

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Tutorial: Build a Quarkus web app with Azure App Service on Linux and PostgreSQL

By Multiple Contributors 

This tutorial walks you through the process of building, configuring, deploying, and scaling Java web apps on Azure. When you are finished, you will have a Quarkus application storing data in PostgreSQL database running on Azure App Service on Linux.

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Service discovery using SmallRye Stork with Quarkus

By Vamil Kumar

In this era of microservice based architecture where multiple services are interacting with each other to carry out a transaction, service discovery becomes an integral part as it provides a mechanism to register and find the services. 

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Using Knative Quarkus Bench to Perform Serverless Experiments on IBM Cloud Code Engine

By Scott Trent

Learn how to easily deploy and run serverless functions from the open source project Knative Quarkus Bench on IBM Cloud Code Engine.

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Quarkus fundamentals

By Pierre Guimon

This article tries to give you an overview of Quarkus framework, as well as explaining its interactions with GraalVM.

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Photo by Noor Sethi on Unsplash

Quarkus fundamentals

By Piotr Minowski

Virtual threads reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications. Do you want to try how it works? The Quarkus framework provides an easy way to start with virtual threads.

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Videos of the Month

Microsweeper Demo with Quarkus on Azure Kubernetes Service

Try it yourself with this Step-By-Step Tutorial.

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Quarkus Insights #102: Quarkiverse Extension Spotlight: Operator SDK

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Quarkus Insights #101: Quarkiverse Extension Spotlight: Quarkus Loom spotlight

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