Quarkus - Funqy HTTP with Amazon Lambda 

If you like Funqy HTTP, you can use it on AWS Lambda. Quarkus allows you to expose multiple Funqy functions through HTTP deployed as one AWS Lambda.

This technology is considered preview.

In preview, backward compatibility and presence in the ecosystem is not guaranteed. Specific improvements might require to change configuration or APIs and plans to become stable are under way. Feedback is welcome on our mailing list or as issues in our GitHub issue tracker.

For a full list of possible extension statuses, check our FAQ entry.

Follow the Amazon Lambda Http Guide. It walks through using a variety of HTTP frameworks on Amazon Lambda, including Funqy.

An additional Quickstart

Beyond generating an AWS project that is covered in the Amazon Lambda Http Guide, there’s also a quickstart for running Funqy HTTP on AWS Lambda.

Clone the Git repository: git clone https://github.com/quarkusio/quarkus-quickstarts.git, or download an archive.

The solution is located in the funqy-amazon-lambda-quickstart directory.

The Code

There is nothing special about the code and more importantly nothing AWS specific. Funqy functions can be deployed to many different environments and AWS Lambda is one of them. The Java code is actually the same exact code as the funqy-http-quickstart.

Getting Started

The steps to get this quickstart running are exactly the same as defined in the Amazon Lambda HTTP Guide. This differences are that you are running from a quickstart and the maven dependencies are slightly different.